Monday, 28 October 2013


Bentham Publishers have a well-established name among all the publishing competitors. They are major STM Journal Publishers. Their publication comprises of numerous reputable titles such as Current Drug Metabolism, Current Gene Therapy, Current Pharmaceutical Design, Current Medicinal Chemistry and a lot more.
Bentham Science has two main categories of publishing. One of them is subscription based and the other one is open access. The subscription based category consist of many high impact titles whereas the open access category comprises of some well known titles like The Open Cardiovascular Medicine Journal as well as The Open Dentistry Journal. Mostly all of their published journals have been indexed in internationally recognized indexing agencies such as Pub Med, Medline, Scopus and EMBASE etc.
Bentham Science Publishers follow single-blind peer-review procedure which follows strict analysis of the scientific research work. It also guarantees maximum quality measures as well as outstanding contribution to the research. They have experienced and qualified editorial staff and reviewers who adhere to strengthen peer-reviewing.

The authors who took an active part in Bentham Science journals are highly convinced with their well-maintained peer-reviewing technique. The authors’ comments can be available online at:

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