Monday, 30 June 2014

Possibility Of Humans To Breathe Underwater In A Couple Of Decades

New revelations of researchers have opened the possibility that man, in a few decades time would be able to dive under water without any additional financing of oxygen flasks.

These are examinations of bioengineers, who discovered the path for men to uninhibitedly breathe under water, and clarified that later on, it could happen that a human DNA might be associated with the DNA of marine algae and plants.

For this research, a study was led an analysis that included a symbiosis of lizards and plants under water which produces oxygen. This blend was effective as these two were constantly joined with one another after the examination, which demonstrated that there may be a beneficial interaction between plants and vertebrates.

Interesting scientific news like these keeps the hope for the future bright. Obviously, future studies will concentrate more on the improvement of this process, so that one day it could be utilized on human beings for real. Similarly, human could utilize the abilities algae have, which would turn into a source of oxygen for people.

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