Monday, 7 July 2014

Peer-Reviewing: An Essential Process In STM Publishing

Scholarly research publications have an essential step of peer-reviewing. In this process research articles are evaluated and assessed by a group of scholars having proportionate skills and competence to the producer of the content.

The level of perfection of scientific and medical research publication is altogether a much greater concern and requests an accurate peer-review process. By and large, there are a few prestigious distributers in the scientific publication industry, which offer peer-reviewed journals for example; Wiley, Elsevier, Taylor Francis and Bentham Science Publishers.

Bentham Science Publishers utilizes the single-blind peer-review technique that would not only guarantee an unprejudiced analysis of the investigative value of the research work, yet it would additionally ensure ideal quality measures and extraordinary commitment to the research. They have qualified, expert editorial staff and commentators, who stick to stringent research surveying. For the most part, a write-up is analyzed for the nature of the research, plagiarism prevention, re-distribution and ethical review.

To access peer-reviewed journals arranged topic-wise, please visit the following link:

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