Friday, 25 October 2013

The Fake Controversies

Bentham Science Publishers is a rapidly growing international STM publisher with more than 116 print and online journals, 230 free to view open access online journals and more than 300 eBooks, 260 of which are indexed by Scopus. Some of its leading journals include Current Gene Therapy which has an impact factor of 5.318 and Current Drug Metabolism with an Impact Factor 4.405. While some other high profile journal includes Current Molecular Medicine (impact Factor 4.197), Current Medicinal Chemistry (Impact Factor 4.07) and Current Cancer Drug Targets (Impact factor 4.00).

Having such a reputation sometimes leads to problems for the organizations, because the more you are eminent, the more controversies would come your way.  There have been allegations against Bentham Open in the past, but Bentham Science continues to publish high quality, extensively peer reviewed open access journals covering all major disciplines of science, medicine, technology and social science. Bentham Open is a reliable and trusted name in the industry, following the single-blind peer review procedure to ensure an objective assessment of articles and manuscripts. Each Open Access journal has a separate Editorial Board and independent referees who are responsible for assessing manuscripts thoroughly and rapidly. Moreover, authors publishing with Bentham Open also get to retain their copyrights to their published content. Bentham Open Access meets the international standards of publications and peer review. 

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