Saturday, 23 November 2013

Some Amazing Biotechnological discoveries:

Research has been carried out at the University of Iowa, U.S., related to bones. They have discovered an outstanding procedure for re-developing missing or damaged bones. This procedure is called “Bio patch”. According to this procedure, bone producing instructions have been sent into the cells via microscopic particles implanted with DNA.
Through experimental analysis, it is clearly evident that the gene encoding patch show positive results in invigorating new growth in stromal cells within human body. It also helps in repairing birth defects of missing bones around face and head.
Bentham Science Publishers has a remarkable name in the scientific publication industry. They are major STM journal publishers. They have a broad category of journals and e-books, including Current Biotechnology. The various Bentham e-books related to current biotechnology are available online at:
Another biotechnology innovation includes the mutation of virus which helps in providing an enhanced battery performance. By providing a free rein to genetically modified virus upon microscopic electrode wires, the researchers have demonstrated that the functionality of lithium air batteries has been drastically enhanced. This is a glorious achievement in revolutionizing the power of electric devices.

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