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The nervous system consists of brain, nerves and spinal cord. All the vital functions of the body have been controlled by them. Whenever, either of these organs starts malfunctioning, the human body will not perform well. There will be problems in moving, breathing, learning and swallowing. Various other issues related to senses, memory and mood can also be observed.

There are over 600 neurological diseases. Some of these diseases are curable if diagnosed at an early stage.

 “The study of the human brain and its disease remains one of the greatest scientific and philosophical challenges ever undertaken.”

(Floyd E. Bloom (in the Introduction to Best of the Brain from Scientific American, New York: Dana Press, 2007)

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Some of the common neurological diseases include Huntington`s disease and muscular dystrophy. These diseases occurred due to faulty genes. Degenerative diseases which are caused as a result of damaged nerve cells, include Alzheimer`s disease and Parkinson`s disease. Seizure disorders like epilepsy, cancer like brain tumor, stroke etc. are other common neurological diseases.

Neuro-infections and neurological disorders are the sixth cause of neurological consultation in primary care services throughout the globe, but, still with the initiation of effective vaccines and anti-biotics, this issue will remain an uphill task in many regions of the world.

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