Sunday, 8 December 2013

Brain Cells Contract While You Sleep, And It’s Not Even A Bad Thing

Brain gets on the cleaning shoes while we sleep. A new study indicates that while you sleep, brain cells shrink up to 60% and cleans cellular garbage more efficiently. Researchers believe that due to the cleaning process of the brain, more energy is consumed by the brain while we sleep than we are awake. Sleeping is an act known to perform many critical functions like fusion of memories and recharging cells, but it has been associated with cerebral rubbish removal for the first time.
The new research on this subject suggests that while the body’s power down, the glymphatic system rises up to 10 times more active than when brain is awake. It becomes easier for the fluid to clean the brain passages. When we are sleeping, proteins that are responsible for diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological disorders are also flushed out of the system more effectively than we are awake.
The Lymphatic system is responsible for sanitizing our bodies, which is not sufficient to clean our brains due to brain’s blood barrier. Blood in the brain prevents certain cleaning agents to get to the brain. On the other hand, glymphatic system is composed of cerebrospinal fluid that makes it easier to reach the brain, and extract the waste products and other toxins during our sleep.
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