Monday, 4 November 2013

Current Organic Chemistry-An exclusive Bentham Science Journal:

Organic Chemistry is the study of synthesizing numerous applications for molecules which contain carbon as an essential element. Organic chemists play an important role within the field of Current Organic Chemistry. They create organic compounds and explore innovative applications for the organic materials. All the experiments have been performed in a laboratory environment by means of refined equipments like nuclear magnetic resonance, gas and liquid chromatography and spectroscopy techniques.
This journal provides detailed review on the recent development within the fields of bioorganic chemistry, organo-metallic chemistry, heterocyclic chemistry and analytical procedures in organic chemistry.
Current Organic Chemistry is an exceptional journal from Bentham Science Publishers. It has an impact factor of 3.039. The Current Organic Chemistry journal includes high quality research papers, letters and highlights besides thematic issues.
One of the Nobel Laureate, Sir D.H.R Barton, discussed his opinion about this journal as:
"Current Organic Chemistry is an important review journal which should prove to be of wide interest to organic chemists and provide them with a convenient means of keeping up with the current flood of advances in the field."
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