Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Inflammation: An Inborn immunity

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Inflammation is a body’s effort to avert the reaction of internal and external bacteria that affects the human body. Whenever a body has an external pressure, it reacts by inflating that specific body part and begins the curative process. The word, ‘inflation’ is taken from “inflammo’ which is a Latin word that means, ‘set on fire or ignite’.

Inflammation is the part of body’s inborn immune system. For instance, if your ankle gets damaged, the body will react to it by inflating that part so that the healing process starts. Inflammation is of two types, chronic and acute. Chronic inflammation takes time for healing, sometimes months and years. The Chronic inflammation stays on the host tissues for a longer time period. Whereas, acute inflammation can be distinguished by redness, heat swelling and pain on the wound.  This rapid inflammatory reaction occurs as soon as someone is hurt or injured. When acute inflammation gets protracted, it turns out into chronic inflammation. 

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